The Girl and the Glory

The Los Angeles-based, Pop/Rock quartet The Girl and the Glory makes the music you've been missing.

Simply put, their songs will rock you and make you want to sing along, again and again.

Aaeidi (vocals), Neal Gardner (guitar), Ian Hall (bass), and Lorenzo Scott (drums) formed the band in early 2016, with the intention of writing well-crafted music meant to be performed live on-stage.

The Girl and the Glory's music is very melodic, edgy and groovy. As if The Black Keys fronted Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Mix in a strong female voice, and you have the makings of very memorable music.

Drawing upon their collective influences and musical experiences, The Girl and the Glory spent many months writing and refining their material. The process was truly a labor of love and respect for the group, and the music reflects this.

The Girl and the Glory is currently building an audience and is excited to play in front of as many crowds as will have them. The band's exciting live set features fantastic hooks, music that will move you, and vocals that really need to be experienced.

Kickstart our first single!

Here's your chance to support The Girl and the Glory! We're going into the studio next month to record our first single and we need your help. Please pledge whatever you can to our Kickstarter campaign .

We're not asking for much, but the funds will go a long way in making the recording happen. THANK YOU!!

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